Introducing ATCO Emissions Management

New name. New leadership. New products. Same quality, reliability and compliance guarantee!

ATCO Emissions Management…We’ve met before.

You may have known us as ATCO Noise Management, Higgott-Kane Industrial Noise Controls, or ATCO Environmental Systems. Our 35 years of combined experience now comes together as ATCO Emissions Management.

Why a New Name?

Historically, our focus was noise attenuation for industrial and gas turbine sites. Three years ago, we launched an innovative new NOx and CO reduction catalyst technology to control air pollution from gas-fired power generators. Through research & development, we continue to launch new products, including filter houses, diverter dampers and waste heat recovery systems.

Effective June 1, 2012, ATCO Emissions Management becomes a separate division within ATCO Structures & Logistics under the leadership of Senior Vice President and General Manager, Harold (Harry) Wong. Harry is supported by a very experienced management team.

The creation of ATCO Emissions Management reflects our focus on and commitment to the development and delivery of expanded and unique products and services to the power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical and industrial marketplaces.

Our Business Can Work for Your Business

ATCO Emissions Management provides a full range of highly efficient engineered solutions.

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Performance and Compliance Guarantee

As always, ATCO Emissions Management assumes full risk for new or existing site acoustic compliance and equipment performance requirements. With a history of more than 1,700 successful projects, a full line of noise control projects and our Balanced Design Approach™ , ATCO Emissions Management can be your single source provider of complete, cost-effective and guaranteed noise and emissions solutions.

Contact us today in  Cambridge, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; Albany, New York, Minneapolis, Minnesota or Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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